• Slab size: 120" x 55"
  • Slab thickness: 3cm (1-1/4” approx.) and 2cm (3/4” approx.)
  • Weight: 2cm (10 lbs./sq. ft.), 3cm (15 lbs./sq. ft.)
  • Slab finish: Polished (no polishing needed post-installation)
  • Colors produced: 11
  • Percentage of recycled glass content (by weight): 60% approx.
  • Seams: Visible, Consult with Installer

Curava is a one-of-a-kind product and therefore has unique characteristics inherent to our surfaces. From our manufacturing process to the core components of our final products, each and every surface produced in our environmentally conscious facility is unlike any other.

Sustainable, Sensible Solutions

Becoming more environmentally aware doesn’t mean you have to adjust your entire lifestyle. An upgrade to the surfaces you use day-in and day-out can provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that every square foot of your new counter removes 25 bottles from a landfill. That’s 25 easy reasons to go green with Curava. Visit our sustainability page for even more!

Cement Crumbles, Curava Doesn't

The majority of our competitors mix cement with recycled glass, achieving what one might think would be a comparable product. At Curava, we pride ourselves in doing things differently. By omitting the use of stain-prone cement, our surfaces require virtually zero maintenance and no additional sealants. Our unique mix of high quality polyester resin produces a durable surface that we’ve engineered to last.

Smooth Under Pressure

Curava is manufactured using the most advanced slab technology available on the market today. This industry-leading technology allows us to create surfaces that are smooth to the touch. Throughout the complex manufacturing process, polishing heads apply thousands of pounds of pressure to the crystalline glass fragments in our surfaces. This process ensures that all of our surfaces require no additional sealing or polishing. We’ve done all of the work so you don’t have to.

Occasionally, the high-pressure manufacturing process may cause tiny sporadic pinholes or divots in the glass that may not be visible but may occasionally be present to the touch. This is an inherent characteristic of the product and has no structural consequence. If you feel any imperfection, please note that this is completely normal and it will not deteriorate over time.

Uniquely Uniform

Our surfaces are produced using a time-tested glass dispersion technique. Each surface that comes out of our facility has a remarkable and noticeable uniformity. Though our process strives to create this sense of uniformity, broken glass inherently varies from piece to piece. The glass dispersion difference between samples and full slabs is normal and unavoidable due to the way different grits of glass deposit throughout the mixing process.

Come Out Of Your Shell

Two of our most popular colors (Lemongrass and Savaii) incorporate seashells to bring surface beauty to a new level. Surfaces incorporating this additional element do not require any more maintenance or sealing than our other products. Seashells are products of nature, thus the outer shells may have different colors i.e., light red or light green, and may take on a slightly different, less glossy, finish than the surrounding surface. It should be noted that the shells might lose their gloss if subjected to acidic substances for long periods of time.