• Slab size: 120" x 55"
  • Slab thickness: 3cm (1-1/4” approx.) and 2cm (3/4” approx.)
  • Weight: 3cm (14.56 lbs./sq. ft.)
  • Slab finish: Polished (no polishing needed post-installation)
  • Colors produced: 10
  • LEED points contribution: MR 4.1, MR 4.2, EQ 4.1, ID
  • Percentage of recycled glass content (by weight): 60% approx.
  • Seams: Visible, Consult with Installer

Performance Summary

Curava Surfaces are strong, durable surfaces that are designed to last. Below is a summary of the features of our surfaces that indicate its longstanding durability.

Features Grade
Stain Resistance Excellent
Heat Resistance Very Good
Scratch Resistance Excellent
Bacteria Resistance Very Good
Mold/Mildew Resistance Very Good
Impact Resistance Excellent
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Durability Excellent
Porosity Non-Porous
Fabrication Versatility Excellent
Functionality Excellent
Repairability Excellent
Cleanability Excellent