Curava solves the tough problem of making a porcelain or quartz finish a reality for unique shower sizes. Simply measure and choose your easy-to-install shower or bath kit and you'll be able to have that stunning porcelain look or the refined durability of quartz in your shower in no time.

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tub kit 1

Tub Kit 1

Large Back Panel + 2 Side Panels (Trim Opt.)

tub kit 2

Tub Kit 2

2 Small Back Panels + 2 Side Panels (Trim Opt.)

shower kit

Shower Kit

2 Small Back Panels + 2 Side Panels (Trim Opt.)

Shower Specs


4-Piece Wall System

TypeBack PanelSide Panels
Shower 30" x 94.38" (2) 31.5" x 94.38" (2)
Tub 30" x 61" (2) 31.5" x 61" (2)

Note – custom sizes available, contact Curava for more info.