Curava on Top

The Beauty of Nature Comes Home

Your summer vacation at that fun beach house might have been put on hold, but you can bring the look and style of the seaside into your home to enjoy every day. Curava surfaces offer striking looks that can bring the feel of the shore to your home whether you live on the water or just love it there.

If you are considering upgrading things around the house instead of taking a vacation this summer, Curava recycled glass surfaces offer beautiful, sustainable surfaces ideal  for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, furniture and bar tops. You can tackle a kitchen remodel or a smaller project in your home using superior Curava surfaces. Our recycled glass surfaces are bound with resin, not cement, for a superior product that will last for years.  Curava surfaces are nonporous, making them highly sanitary as well as stain, heat and etch resistant.

We offer choices to suit your taste including two styles that include seashells along with recycled glass in their surface: the golden Savaii and the rich, warm Lemongrass. The look of natural seashells brings the beauty of the seashore into your home.

Curava also offers a sea glass finish that will bring elegance to your home. The finish is also called leathered or brushed and when used on the recycled glass, it gives a striking sea glass look that hints at those long walks spying sea glass in the sand.

If you want deep blue tones that will remind you of the ocean, consider Arctic with blues from the depths of the frozen ocean and polar crystal clarity offering a crisp contemporary look or Kashmir, a rich sapphire blue that will bring classic elegance to your home.

Whatever your style, Curava offers striking, sustainable, superior surfaces that will bring beauty to your home. View our complete collection and order samples from the comfort of your home to help you choose the perfect touch of the seaside for your home.

The Beauty of Nature Comes Home

If spending so much time at home has given you the “Starin’ at the Same Four Walls Blues,” let’s help get you inspired! Our recycled glass surfaces are ideal to create a wow factor in your home. Imagine a new furniture top, bar top or a new vanity top made with 100% recycled glass particulates! Or perhaps all that cooking at home has drawn your attention to your kitchen countertops. Curava recycled glass kitchen countertops will surely lift your spirits!

For inspiration, check out our beautiful selection of Curava surfaces. Choose from the striking designs in the Curava Classic or Curava Jewel Collections. Curava Classic offers a full palette of color options including two that incorporate seashells into the design. Curava Jewel is a growing collection of brighter, more vivid colors with larger glass particulates for a bolder look. Choose from polished or seaglass finish to suit your style.

In addition to being unique and beautiful, Curava is affordable, durable and low maintenance so it fits into every lifestyle. Curava surfaces are also non-porous which means they are highly sanitary. Unlike other recycled glass quartz surfaces bound with cement, Curava surfaces are not subject to staining and etching and they do not require periodic sealing. They are also heat, scratch, and stain resistant. Simple cleaning will keep your Curava surface as striking and durable as the day it was installed

Visit one of our showrooms or visit a distributor near you to see our selection of Curava surfaces. Order samples from the comfort of your home to help you decide.

We’re here to help you shake those “blues” and find the inspiration to make your space exactly what you imagine.